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I am sick and tired of all of the political rhetoric accusing police officers and or police departments of corruption and putting them under the bus so to speak – so they cannot do their job properly. We need better ways to educate the general public for better and safer streets. Police officers are being shot by thugs everyday and I have followed the news about the Sanford police department, Ferguson Police Department, and Baltimore Police Department and, New York City Police Department and the list goes on. It appears to me that there is no support from the former President of United States, Eric Holder, the governor of Missouri, mayor De Blasio, and the mayor of Baltimore! Asking any police department to stand down does not work! Just my opinion! Today, our cops need our help now more than ever in history!

I hope to have this website up and running fully in the immediate future and be in a position to take donations and distribute money and help to those who need it for legal support and or medical expenses. If you would like to help, please contact me….

I will not stand down, help me support our police!

ALL lives matter!